Transition (Defect) and Property Condition Assessment Reports

Generally speaking, a building construction project should be completed in accordance with the permit drawings and specifications approved by the municipal building department in which the project is located; however, changes are made by parties involved in projects prior to and/or during the construction phase for financial and/or technical reasons, with or without the municipality’s knowledge.

The intent of the Transition (Defect) Report is to provide clients with a professional assessment that includes a list of readily visible construction deficiencies noted during several walkthroughs of the building’s common elements and site that are perceived as omissions and/or poor quality workmanship. 

Additionally, repair recommendations and the urgency of such repairs are part of the report so that the clients are aware of them and can then maintain the common elements and site in an operational and safe condition.

Maxima's technical staff have successfully completed numerous transition study reports.

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