Roofing, Windows, and Garage Evaluations and Repair Drawings

Roofing Evaluations and Repair Drawings

Ideally in the Chicago area, roofing should be inspected twice each year:

  • spring
  • fall

The reason:

  • Roof interior drains, scuppers, and downspouts should be inspected to ensure that they are free-flowing and not clogged.
  • The field of the roof should be visually checked for splits, fish mouths, and punctures.
  • The general condition of the roofing should be observed to see if it is exhibiting signs of premature wear or deterioration. 

The consequences of the roofing deficiencies are:

  • the growth of algae/vegetation
  • penetration of moisture through the roofing system
  • damage to the roof surface by the freeze-and-thaw cycles
  • damages to the interior finishes
  • health hazards for the residents
  • deterioration of the roofing membrane

Window Evaluations and Repair Drawings


Windows are responsible for up to thirty percent (30%) of the annual energy consumed in a residential unit!

Critical issues to be considered in decisions related to repairing or replacing windows include:

  • safety
  • cost
  • longevity
  • physical operability
  • energy efficiency
  • security
  • appearance
  • market value

Garage Evaluation and Repair Drawings

A waterproofing system for a garage will protect the exposed concrete elements from spalling and deterioration caused by snow de-icing agents, carbonation, etc. and will reduce the amount of concrete repairs required in the future.

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