Railings, Fire Escapes, Balconies, Terraces/Plazas, Porches, Waterproofing, and Asphalt Driveway Evaluations and Repair Drawings

For railing, fire escape, balcony, porch, planter, waterproofing, and driveway projects, Maxima Consultants' field representatives conduct site visits to the building to assess the general conditions of the indicated systems and components.  Maxima will then prepare a condition assessment report that includes:

  • overview of the project
  • code analysis
  • observed readily visible deficiencies
  • repair recommendations and time frames
  • building sketches
  • photographs of the readily visible deficiencies
  • building records
  • AutoCAD repair drawings
  • repair specifications
  • bid package
  • probable repair quantities
  • probable repair cost estimates
  • permit expediting
  • construction administration services

If the deficiencies in the building's systems and components are left unrepaired, they could create dangerous and hazardous conditions to the unit owner, residents, and/or public and could also cost more to repair.

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