Peer and Document Review Reports

Maxima's technical staff has extensive experience with peer and document review reports. We customize our services to meet our clients' needs. Typically, our review report will include:

  • Review the available construction drawings, specifications, as-built drawings, agreement between the owner and professional record, contracts between sub-contractors and the general contractor, contract between the owner and the general contractor, schedule of values, construction schedules, riders, addendums, change orders, and previous reports.
  • Hold conversations with the owner, agent, property manager, and building maintenance personnel
  • Visually observe the building's systems and components
  • Compare the construction drawings with the as-build field conditions
  • Document readily visible deficiencies and deviations from the construction drawings
  • Prepare a Peer Review Report, including an overview of the building, a description of the building's systems, readily visible deficiencies, deviations from the construction drawings, a list of missing or incomplete information along with corrective actions, recommendations, photographs, and supporting documents
  • Hold meetings with the owner, agent, and property manager to go over the findings of the report

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