Facade Examinations, Assessments, and Repair Drawings

The owners of buildings exceeding 80 feet in height must have an Illinois-licensed design professional company prepare and submit a Critical Façade Examination Report (hands-on façade report) and an Ongoing Façade Examination Report (short form) in accordance with the requirements of Chicago’s Façade Ordinance.

The City of Chicago’s Façade Ordinance generally requires:

  • Critical Façade Examination Report be submitted to the City every four (4) years
  • Ongoing Façade Examination Report be filed biannually in the intervening years between the critical façade examinations

Regardless of the height of the building, it is recommended that a building’s facade, at a minimum, be visually examined in order to prevent personal injuries and/or lawsuits against the client and to reduce the costly repair work associated with further deterioration of any façade deficiencies that might be left undetected and untreated.

Maxima's technical staff have successfully completed many facade inspections, assessment evaluations, and facade repair projects.





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