Construction Administration Services

Maxima Consultants’ technical staff offers the following Construction Administration services:

  • pre-construction meeting at the jobsite with the contractor and owner/agent
  • provide responses to the contractor’s questions
  • conduct site visits to the building to monitor the progress of the repair work
  • conduct meetings with the contractor and client/agent regarding the project
  • review the contractor’s payment applications
  • review the contractor’s submittals
  • prepare construction activity reports that include descriptions of repair work, contractor’s completed work, construction contract status, certification, contractor’s payment application, and color photographs

Further, Maxima Consultants will prepare a description of the project, prepare approximate quantities of the project line items, assign an estimated unit price for each of the line items, estimate a budget figure for possible hidden work and unforeseen conditions that might exist, prioritize the façade repair work line items, prepare a preliminary cost estimate report, attend meetings with the client/agent to go over the contents of the final report, and provide copies of the final cost estimate report.

Bid Package/ Bid Administration

Maxima's technical staff will prepare invitations for bid, solicit bids from qualified contractors, conduct pre-bid meetings with the contractors and client/agent, review and analyze contractors' bids, and provide bid evaluation reports.

Construction Administration services include:

  • Probable construction costs
  • Bid package/bid administration
  • Construction contract review
  • Construction scheduling
  • Material selection and use
  • Constructability issues
  • Construction management
  • Construction observation and monitoring
  • Inspection during construction
  • Construction activity report
  • Owner representation
  • Construction administration
  • Permit expediting
  • Value engineering
  • Punch List and close out

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