Maxima Consultants Corporation Chicago IL

Engineers and Construction Consultants


Maxima Consultants Corporation is a licensed, insured professional engineering firm that provides economical, practical, and technically sound construction solutions.

Clients in the Chicago area include:

  • Condominium and Homeowner Associations
  • Property Managers
  • Portfolio/ Risk Managers
  • Building Owners
  • Attorneys
  • Real Estate Investors

Maxima's professional staff of licensed professionals and field representatives are experienced in responding quickly to the detailed requirements and tight schedules expected by their clients. Their goal is to exceed client expectations and build successful long-term relationships.

Maxima has an outstanding record of continuing growth, offering a broad spectrum of quality professional services to their clients. Maxima Consultants Corporation is committed to providing their clients with the services they expect and deserve.

Maxima adheres to the highest professional standards and is committed to providing their clients with long-lasting solutions and minimizing project costs.                    


Maxima Consultants Corporation values ongoing professional training and certification including:

  • Energy-Efficient Building Envelope Design and Construction by HalfMoon Education, Inc.
  • Post-Disaster Safety Assessment by ATC
  • LEED Accredited Professionals
  • Building Envelope Training by CETCO
  • HVAC Courses for Architect Registration Examination (ARE) - by AIA Chicago
  • Scaffolding Safety Training 1926 - by Stone Mountain
  • WUFI (Moisture Control Engineering), by Oak Ridge National Laboratory & Fraunhofer IBP
  • Contract Documents and Legal Risk Management - by Euclid Insurance
  • Building Enclsoure from top to bottom - by ALA and CSI
  • Masonry Restoration Workshop - by IMI
  • Terra Cotta Rain Screen System - by ALA
  • Roofing systems - by ALA and CSI
  • Liquid-applied roofing & waterproofing systems, Vegetated roof systems, and Plaza deck waterproofing - by CAC-RCI
  • Fluid-applied air, vapor and water resistive barriers - by ALA, CSI
  • Below Grade and Plaza Deck Waterproofing - by ALA, CSI
  • Precast Connections: Shaping Creative Design; Enclosure Systems, Precast Mix Design, Shapes and Finishes, by High Concrete Group LLC Enclosure Systems, Precast Use in Architecture, by High Concrete Group LLC ;Enclosure Systems, Thermal Performance and Moisture Control - by High Concrete Group LLC

Maxima Consultants Corporation attended the ACHTA, CAI, and The Cooperator's trade shows in Chicagoland.


Homeowner Association Board Members and Property Managers in the Chicago area were interested in Maxima's Condo Reserve Study Reports and Chicago Facade Evaluation and Repair Drawings.

Maxima Consultants Corporation Celebrating 10 Years

Established 2004